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“Rachel’s attention to detail, how special she makes the person feel, how excited she gets while doing it, her depth of getting to know people before, during, and after is what makes this experience unique.”
Danette Buchanan
“Rachel captures your essence, who you truly are. Respectful, creative and easy to work with. A wonderful experience.”
“Rachel was extremely down to earth, compassionate, and very empowering throughout the shoot. Everything about the session right down to the music and drinks was amazing, I will absolutely do this again.”
“I was so afraid that I would "freeze up" and that I wouldn't "perform" and that I would feel silly. NONE of that happened! The entire day I felt pampered, loved, honored and respected. I felt gorgeous and I loved that the whole day was dedicated to me!”
“Rachel captured my Soul in images that made my heart sing!”
“I'm so excited to use these in my website and marketing. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Rachel, you went absolutely above and beyond and I thank you so much!”
“That was the most fun, most empowering day I’ve had in a very long time. I am in no way my ideal weight or form, but that was so far from my head in this session. The vibe was relaxing, encouraging and so very fun! Thank you.”
“I enjoyed the new experience, getting out of my daily rut, challenging my body and mind (in a good way), and feeling open to experiment. I felt natural and more free. The time flew by and it was a fun experience!
“Thank you so much for your kindness, patience, mad skill, and artistic vision! I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together and am excited to use the photos in my professional (and personal/social media) spheres!”
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