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Celebrating the Remarkable: Better Photos for Brilliant People

The lens of a camera has the power to capture the spirit and essence of an individual, encapsulating their unique brilliance. Rachel Hadiashar is masterful behind the lens, photographing spirited professionals and creatives, bringing their personalities and perspectives to life. She has a knack for revealing the diverse range of today’s modern thought leaders and service providers as they refine their power and presence.

Rachel’s passion lies not just in operating the camera, but in finding the unique brilliance in each individual. An intuitive and masterful photographer, Rachel specializes in crafting images designed to reveal the client’s industry authority and expertise. Whether you’re a startup founder, a thought leader, or a creative artist, your image speaks volumes to your audience. Rachel’s photography highlights your best, making your first impression a powerful one.

But Rachel’s work doesn’t stop at taking a great photo. Her approach to photography goes beyond the technical aspects. Rachel’s relatability, irreverence, and warmth puts clients at ease; she helps them transform camera anxiety into confidence. Working with Rachel isn’t just about getting a photo taken—it’s a transformative experience that imbues confidence and self-assurance.

Looking to 2024, Oregon Photographer Rachel Hadiashar is seeking people who are on a quest for better photos to commission a portrait as part of her 2024 Portrait Series. This campaign is an exploration of multi-passionate people and a celebration of diversity, passion, and individuality.

Would you like to be photographed? Or do you know someone who should be? This is an open invitation to all those who want to celebrate their personal and professional journey, to be a part of this remarkable Portrait Series. Reach out to Rachel to find out more. Let’s start a conversation about your portrait and personal goals. This is more than just a photograph; it’s a celebration of you and your journey.

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About Rachel Hadiashar

Rachel Hadiashar has been photographing spirited professionals and creatives for more than 15 years. She excels at finding the unique brilliance in each individual and helping them embrace their power by co-creating bespoke visual branding and extraordinary images.
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