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Photography is more than just clicking a button on a camera. It is an art form, a moment frozen in time. It is a way of capturing the essence of a person, a place, or a moment. And no one understands this better than Rachel Hadiashar.

Rachel is a professional photographer who specializes in creating stunning portraits that say more. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of her craft, Rachel has the ability to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each individual she photographs from her photo studio in Sherwood Oregon to client workspaces in Portland metro and beyond.

Rachel Hadiashar: The Photographer Behind The Magic

With a passion for photography that started at a young age, Rachel has honed her skills over the years to become an accomplished portrait photographer. Her knack for capturing the essence of her subjects has earned her a reputation as a go-to photographer for those looking for striking and memorable portraits in Oregon and beyond.

But Rachel’s talents extend beyond just taking beautiful photos. She has a unique ability to connect with her subjects, putting them at ease and allowing their true selves to shine through. Whether she’s capturing a candid moment or creating a carefully composed shot, Rachel’s photos are a testament to her skill and passion for her craft.

Commission A Portrait – Change Your Life

Commissioning a portrait from Rachel isn’t just about getting a picture taken. It is a transformative experience that can change the way you see yourself. Rachel’s portraits are about capturing the essence of who you are – your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your beauty, and your uniqueness.

Whether you’re looking for a personal portrait to capture a special moment in your life, or a professional headshot that captures your professionalism and confidence, Rachel can deliver. Her portraits are more than just photos – they are a celebration of the individual, a tribute to their uniqueness and beauty.

If you’re ready to see yourself in a new light, to own a piece of art that truly represents who you are, then it’s time to commission a portrait from Rachel Hadiashar. To get started, give her a call at 503-941-0796. She’s ready to help you create a portrait that will not only uplevel your social media profile, but nay also be your iconic, favorite photo for years to come.

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About Rachel Hadiashar

Rachel Hadiashar has been photographing spirited professionals and creatives for more than 15 years. She excels at finding the unique brilliance in each individual and helping them embrace their power by co-creating bespoke visual branding and extraordinary images.
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