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Adding Texture to a Fine Art  Portrait.

I recently photographed Madeline Ross, a multi-talented creative artist who has played theatre, and opera roles, and even started her own opera company – Renegade Opera Portland’s  Unconventional Opera Company. Maddy came into the Sherwood portrait studio to update her photos and walked out with a handful of incredible images for her personal press kit. 

Madeline brought beautiful dresses to her session, so I prompted her through some lyrical movement posing. She was at the time employed by Portland Opera in a forest nymph role, so she slipped into character easily. A few days after seeing Maddy’s final image selections, I attended a networking event at MSI  Surfaces in Tualatin through the Women to Women Network. Walking through the beautiful big display pieces at MSI, I felt VERY inspired by the natural markings on the granite and quartz surfaces and began to photograph them. I knew in the back of my mind exactly how I wanted to use the textures.

To get to this closer portrait, I rotated the texture above and brought it in as a new layer at a  lower opacity into the edited portrait, then masked the subject so the texture wouldn’t show on  her skin. I love the depth and interest these natural stone markings bring into the portrait. 

If you’re looking for a new press kit, team photos, or brand content for your website send me a message – I would love to learn more about you. My portrait studio is a space where we can create beautiful and spirited images together.

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