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2023 – a year in review for Photographer Rachel Hadiashar of Zing Studio in Sherwood Oregon

A big thank you to everyone who came through my studio in 2023. It was a year full of adventure and new experiences.

Here is a glimpse into some of the camera work in did through the year, with an eclectic mix of on location and event work and beautiful portraits in the Sherwood, Oregon portrait studio.

Scroll down past the client portraits to see the list of notable organizations and companies I worked with in 2023 as well as links to some features about me and my photo studio.

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In 2023, I was honored to have a public gallery show in the Hillsboro Brookwood Public Library- an opportunity to share portraits of women I photographed through 2021-2022. Together the portrait series represented 5,889 years of collected wisdom- more than half a millennia! It was thrilling to see my clients’ unique beauty and wisdom being witnessed by the community.

More about the gallery show here.

Interviews with portrait subjects here.

It was my pleasure to serve the following organizations and companies with photography and camera work in 2023. Thank you for the commissions and features!

My clients’ headshots appeared in many other publications as well, but these are the groups I worked with more closely in 2023. Click through to learn more about the skills and value they offer the community.

Of all the partnerships I have cultivated in the Portland creative arts scene, over the years I have spent the most time working with Resonance Ensemble alongside Oh!Creative; a creative partnership I value tremendously. They did a write-up about longterm collaborations here.

One of the bigger jobs I did this year was a team effort with Jason D and Jason Q, together we we selected to update the staff photos of the musicians of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. For this job, our mission was to recreate a certain lighting setup so that images would be consistent across the ensemble, and we were given two minutes for each musician to get them in a standard (classic) musician headshot pose. The admin staff of the OSO was like an entertaining well oiled machine, helping guide musicians through the backstage areas of the Schnitzer Concert hall to my makeshift studio so we could efficiently keep the headshot line moving. My tendency is to try to get to know everyone who steps in front of my lens so it was my goal to stay on track for the day. Through teamwork, we accomplished an incredible number of portraits. And I discovered I LOVE the librarian team on staff with OSO!

My favorite image of 2023 is this rogue event photo I took at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton, Oregon during the Beaverton State of the City address.

Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton, Oregon during the Beaverton State of the City address.

I would like to share a couple of interview features that were published in 2023:

The Faces of Sherwood Oregon is a local roundup of community members. I loved doing this interview with Tammie Crane.

And Women to Women Network did a writeup about my business. This is a wonderful network of business owners ranging from solo businesses to corporate level owners.

Working together with 45th Parallel Universe to envision and execute their season publicity was another highlight of 2023. These musicians bring modern and eclectic music to the table, and host concerts in unexpected locations. We chose to use my bright color paper to pop off the page.

My client Sharon’s portrait was used for the cover of the December 2023 issue:

Thank you to everyone who made 2023 an incredible year. I am looking forward to continued collaborations and creative shenanigans with good people who are experts in their zone of genius.

My 2024 portrait series has been announced– if you or someone you know has an intense zone of genius coupled with thought leadership and a secondary area of interest, I am seeking mature creative Oregonians to commission portraits for the 2024 Portrait Series. Press release here.

Finally, some behind the scenes moments with clients from the Sherwood photo studio:

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