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The Feline Power That Came Through the Studio

Allison Keeley with Lioness Communication Coaching

Blue Tiger Leadership

I met my first wildcat in 2022 – Michelle Rios. The mother of the Oregon Wild Ones, Michelle is an Executive Leadership Consultant who founded Blue Tiger Leadership. Michelle is based out of Newberg, Oregon but works with executive teams across the Portland metro area and beyond. She has developed a vast network of professionals to help with every aspect of her consultancy work.

Blue Tiger supports brave leaders and brilliant teams in making a better workplace. They invite courageous shifts in perspective that allow leaders to discover their own power for positive change.

Meet Michelle here.

Michelle Rios of Blue Tiger Leadership
Michelle Rios of Blue Tiger Leadership

Ocelot Media

The second wildcat shares a name resemblance to mine.  Rachael Garrison is the founder and lead Marketer with Ocelot Media. Building and maintaining websites for local small businesses, integrating SEO strategies, and helping get systems running- I learned firsthand that this woman has a powerhouse brain that can reverse engineer system structures with ease. She looks at the world in a way that makes my jaw drop. Give her a peep at your tech stack and I can guarantee she’ll have some logical suggestions.

Meet Rachael here.

Rachael Garrison of Ocelot Media
Rachael Garrison with Ocelot Media

Ocelot Media

Lioness Communication Coaching

The third wildcat I have gotten to know this year is a communications professional – a strategic leader, trainer, and speaker. We got to put together a custom set of stock imagery for Allison’s social media use in the upcoming year.

Allison Keeley founded Lioness Communication Coaching where she uses curiosity to connect her vast training with animal kingdom observations to bring insights into human conversations and interactions.

Allison helps people learn the tools and perspectives they need to successfully navigate difficult conversations with clear, effective communication.

She offers a logical framework to scaffold discussions that might be underpinned by years of personal baggage or bias and invites her clients to approach challenges with win-win solutions in mind.  This might sound like corporate-speak, but I just heard her training about navigating a thanksgiving meal with all the “characters” large families tend to attract and I thought she navigated the topic beautifully. I also walked away with some new understandings about motivations and frustrations. “Learn how to turn hard conversations into happy endings.”

Meet Allison here.

Allison Keeley with Lioness Communication Coaching
Allison Keeley with Lioness Communication Coaching

Lioness Communication

Each of these three leaders have imprinted on me in the past two years and I am so glad I got to meet and photograph them. I adore making business portraits for smart leaders in Oregon.

If you are on the prowl for some new photos, send me a note and let’s see what we can get you!

Sherwood Oregon Photographer

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